This is a new work-in-progress about how peoples lives are compartmentalized.  These first pieces are specifically dealing with the desire to break out of the compartments that we place ourselves in daily.

Photography Portfolio

Sommer Wood

Something in the Waves

For this short series, I was interested in composing images that fit together cinematically so that the viewer could get a since of movement between photographs.  Perhaps this suggestion of action between each shot, and the connection from one image to the next will create a story in the mind of the viewer.

Postcard Series

This series is an ongoing project of pinhole images from my travels.  A pinhole camera is simply a light tight container (in my case a wooden box) with a small hole (hence pinhole camera) that allows light into the container to expose a piece of light sensitive material.  It is the simplest technology I could use to make a photograph.  These images were captured on 4x5in film and contact printed onto watercolor paper that I coated with a light sensitive chemical called cyanotype.  The technology used to create this body of work is all from the 19th century, which I find gratifying in this digital age.  These are my postcards.

 Alternative process work

The Architect

This dream inspired collage work is a mixture of my photographs, found images, and a little drawing.  These are not digitally created, and the tactile nature of the work is very rewarding.