Traveler's Journal

This is my visual journal of my travels around the world starting in 2006.  This is an ongoing project, so new images are added regularly. 

National Parks

I have been fortunate to be able to photograph in many National Parks around the country.  Here are a few images from these journeys. 


I happened to be in Austin, TX in March 2003 when US troops first invaded Iraq.  It was interesting to see the cities reaction on the street, especially considering that Austin had once been the home of then beloved Texas Governor, George W. Bush.  For or against the new war, I don't think anyone on the streets of Austin that week could have predicted what the following years had in store for the country.  I find the work an interesting snapshot of the people and the city at that moment in time. 

Route 10

Route 10 of the Miami-Dade Metrobus system is one of over 100 routes that serve the greater Miami area.  It covers a diverse stretch of the city from the affluent Miami Shores and Wynwood to the more impoverished areas like Little Haiti, and spans from NE167th street all the way to the heart of downtown Miami.  The buses transport people to work, school, doctor’s appointments, grocery stores and most importantly home.  For many of the riders, the buses are the only mode of transportation available to them, making the buses a necessary part of their daily lives.  This vital yet often overlooked role the transit system plays for the city makes the Metrobus just as much a contributor to the pulse of Miami as the nightlife of South Beach.     

When I joined the riders of Route 10, I stepped into their community and became a voyeur into their personal experience of life in Miami.  I tried to capture people engrossed in their own world, unaware of the camera’s presence, a fleeting moment in each rider’s experience.

​​​​Documentary Work

The Olympics

These are a few images from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Summer Olympic Games.  The Olympics are a cultural experience like no other, and these images are a unique snapshot of the host countries during these historic events.


This is a documentary exploration of Olympic style competitive shooting and a self-portrait.  This is a sport that I have participated in as an athlete, coach, and photographer for nearly 15 years.

Photography Portfolio

Sommer Wood